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Co-Liv Summit 2018

Last week, together with my team at Co-Liv, we have hosted #CoLivSummit, the second ever conference dedicated to co-living and shared living spaces.

The first iteration of Co-Liv Summit, in San Francisco last year, had already been quite promising, with high-profile speakers such as Chris Bledsoe from Ollie, and Johanna Greenbaum from Sidewalk Labs. See cover in the French Les Echos for more.

This year's conference gathered over 200 professionals from around the world, in Paris, in an inspiring third place called Les Grands Voisins. As we were tidying up the room at 11pm on the last day, the venue staff asked me if I had learned anything from this Summit. How could I not have? I believe we can only thrive from sharing knowledge and experience.

So here are my first thoughts right after Co-Liv Summit 2018:

  1. People showed up! Social workers, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, designers, communication experts, investors, and many more attended and participated in what they see as the future of their jobs: understanding how and why we share our living spaces.

  2. “I need you means I trust you” said Laurent de Cherisey, founder of Simon de Cyrene — or when building community means creating a robust social support system.

  3. “Know your co-livers” said our business model panel — there is a unique balance between a co-living business model and what your specific co-livers are willing to pay for.

  4. “Sharing is urgent” said Christian Pagh and the team at Space 10 — for me, it’s a sustainability ultimatum. People already share resources in cities in order to cope in those fast urban environments. Let’s help them sharing so it can truly impact their lives positively!

Join our collaborative association at Co-Liv to participate in and grow this movement, actively transforming it in a real community-driven industry.

Article initially published on Medium.

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